BCU Students’ Union issues statement on cuts

Birmingham City Students’ Union has issued a statement about the cuts being made across the university, including the School of Media (which gets a special mention). In “Students’ Union Statement on Cuts” (24 June 2010), the union says it will work on both national and university levels to support, protect and represent students who are affected by and/or concerned about the cuts. Here’s an extract:

With regards to cuts within Birmingham City University, the Union will work hard to support students who are worried their courses will be affected. Whilst we believe in principle that there should not be further cuts to departments across the University, we will focus our campaigning activities at a national level as part of wider coalition-based campaigning where we believe we can have the most impact and the best chance to influence policy makers. Within the University, we intend to ensure that students are able to voice their concerns and make their views known concerning proposed cuts at every level of the University. For example, we have recently supported students from the Media School to meet with the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Performance, Media and English to raise their concerns regarding proposed cuts to their school.

The Union will continue to put pressure on the University to ensure that the student experience is placed above all other concerns when discussions are taking place regarding cuts. We will ensure that the student voice is heard loud and clear at all stages, and work with students from all areas of the University to address particular concerns as they arise. We will be paying particular attention to issues that students already express concern over, including class sizes, the facilities available to students and the number of contact hours students have.

If you are a new or returning student and you wish to get in touch with the Union with concerns regarding cuts to your course, please contact union.president@bcu.ac.uk or jema.davis@bcu.ac.uk

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