About the campaign

Save BCU Media is a campaign to save the Birmingham School of Media from £230,000 in cuts.

In May 2010, students were told that the Birmingham School of Media (part of Birmingham City University) is to be subject to £230,000 in immediate cuts, which will have a severe impact on the provision of teaching and technical staff, resources, and academic research.

These cuts will take immediate effect and will result in redundancy for five members of staff this academic year (2009-2010), and two next year (2010-2011), meaning that 30% of the School of Media’s workforce will be lost.

Loss of staff, teaching quality and equipment translates to an overall lowering of teaching and learning standards, and a poorer reputation for the School (and the university in general).

Not only will there be a lower staff to student ratio – and therefore less one-on-one time and direct correspondence with the lecturers – but certain modules would have to stop running and even entire degree programmes may be forced to close.

This is unfair all round – for current students and staff, prospective students, and graduates of the School.

We really want to not only preserve the reputation of the School, but fight to keep staff from losing their jobs and resources from being taken away. It’s through a loud and clear voice that we can make change and make the management of Birmingham City University realise that this is a problem – aside from BCU being an institution of education first and foremost (rather than one of business), a fall in the quality and reputation of one of its highest rated departments means a fall in the reputation of the university as a whole, on regional, national, and international levels.

We encourage and welcome you to get involved in the campaign in any way you can.


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