Statements of support

“One of the most clued up, industry-focused departments which is a joy to work for across faculty and students. With the media calling the shots across politics, there is no better time to be improving media literacy and questioning motives behind bigger institution. This is something that is at the heart of BSM.” – Jennifer Jones, University of the West of Scotland

“As a former member of staff and student of the School I wish to strongly support the campaign to save the School of Media from substantial cuts. It would be a grave error to salami slice media provision at BCU. Without adequate funding for capital and staffing all that is unique and distinctive about the BCU Media experience will inevitably be diminished. I urge the University to reconsider its proposed cut.” – Steve Spittle, Liverpool John Moores University

“As an Media and Comms graduate, this news disappoints me. It would be a shame to see the teaching standards, and therefore reputation of the school, go downhill.” – Todd Nash, The Guardian

“This is an absolute disgrace. Instead of cutting the budget of one of the best media schools in the country and one of the most innovative and enterprising departments at Birmingham City University, why not cut the wages of the fat cats at the top who are earning £200,000+ for doing NOTHING?” – Anon.

“I studied media at BCU and in 2008 I received a 2:1 in my BA hons degree. It was the best thing I have ever accomplished” – Shemaine Rose, Social Enterprise West Midlands.

“Amazing that BCU wastes £30m on planning a new building which has fallen through with no sign of the money coming back and then starts cutting back on one of its most successful departments. This building will not happen and it’s total financial mismanagement – why isn’t the VC being made to answer for this by the Uni governors? Why should students and staff have to pay for the mistakes of management after all working so hard to create a internationally renowned department?” – Anon.

“Without the Birmingham School of Media and its plentiful resources, I would not have been able to succeed in my degree and later in my development of a radio station. Please do not cut the vital resources needed to keep the Media department as one of the best in the UK!” – Angela Malin, Queer FM.

“Graduated from the media BA at UCE as it was then in 1996. Was a big help in starting my newspaper career. Hope the cuts can be stopped.” – Stephen Mullen, The Sun and Racing Ahead Weekend.

“The West Midlands is already constantly fire fighting with retaining talent here. With entry level training and further skills development in the firing line our chances of becoming a reputable and sustained region of creatives will get slimmer and slimmer. Re-appropriation of funding would be much more effective. Trimming off wastage that we can all do if we put our minds to it. Every penny and all that…..” – Kelly Jeffs, Light House.

“As a professional cross platform media producer and a regular visiting lecturer to the course, I have been consistently impressed by the enthusiasm and capability of BCU Media students and the dedication of the faculty staff. I fully back the campaign to protect the department from financial cutbacks and hope that the schools continues to deliver high quality learning for all of its students in the future.” – Nick Lockey, Maverick Television.


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